No matter which of our services you use, we’ll be working hard to ensure keeping track of your financial numbers is as easy as we can make it. We’ll also be focused on keeping two promises we make to every client.

Tax Services for Individuals

We love to help people navigate the maze of private tax liabilities, but we offer more than a tax preparer can. In addition to solid tax advice and preparation of the return, we can help you throughout the year with estimated income tax payments and other practices that will make April 15th less of a pain in your wallet.

Services for Organizations

Corporations, partnerships, and not-for-profit agencies have come to rely on us to make their lives easier and their position more stable. Here are some of the services we offer them:

    • Taxes—We can handle not only your company’s income tax return, but also sales tax, payroll tax, and estimated tax payments.
    • Financial Statements—Let us handle these, whether you need to make your statements monthly, quarterly, or annually.
    • Payroll—Our payroll services cover the process from start to finish, including handling the payroll taxes and cutting the checks.
    • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Invoicing—We’ll keep track of who owes what, let your customers know, and issue the checks to your vendors.

Payroll Services

Why is outsourcing payroll important? When you hand off your payroll functions to us, six things happen:

  1. You save time and money you would spend calculating payroll, printing checks, complying with tax reporting, etc.
  2. You avoid tax errors that can cost you hundreds in penalties.
  3. Your employees have access to direct deposit, saving them time and saving you more money.
  4. You are in full compliance with all government regulations.
  5. You receive an answer to any question about your payroll within 24 hours
  6. You remain focused on your core competencies and valued customers while we run the numbers.

And if we handle your other accounting needs (financial statements, reports, invoicing, etc.), you’ll have a seamless financial experience that saves time and improves efficiency.

Business Start-Ups

We have a lot to offer established firms, but we shine when it comes to helping entrepreneurs get off the ground. Even the most business-savvy and inspired entrepreneurs often don’t know quite where to start, but we do. Beginning with what form of business (LLC, S corporation, etc.) makes the most sense for you. We’ll work with you and your legal counsel to set up the right vehicle to pursue your dream. This includes accounting systems, tax documentation, and plenty of coaching. That way you can concentrate on the bigger issues.